Prince William, Duchess Kate to reportedly take on fight against cyberbullying

Will and Kate's New Cause: The Battle Against Cyberbullying
Will and Kate's New Cause: The Battle Against Cyberbullying

As the parents of two young children growing up in the age of social media, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have reportedly been inspired to tackle the issue of cyberbullying.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have invited executives from Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies to meet with them in the coming year and brainstorm about what can be done to crack down on online harassment.

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The birth of Prince George, 2, and 6-month-old Princess Charlotte has spurred the couple to want to get involved in the issue. Duchess Kate has spoken about being bullied herself while growing up, and the issue also has been raised to them by children during their charity visits.

"She thinks that young people are increasingly becoming vulnerable to these sorts of attacks, and it's one thing, playground bullying, which is what Kate experienced,'' NBC royal expert Camilla Tominey said on TODAY Wednesday. "This is online and more pernicious."

The couple is hoping constructive dialogue with the social media companies can help reduced statistics like 33 percent of teenagers reporting they have been victims of cyberbullying, one million children being cyberbullied on Facebook last year, and 67 percent of young people saying being harassed or threatened online is a problem.

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"Their role as parents is definitely shaping their perceptions on the issues," a royal aide told The Sunday Times of London. "As parents themselves they want to speak out and see what more can be done for young people who are victims of cyberbullying and all forms of bullying."

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