Man with 'worst headache' of his life discovers tapeworm living in brain

Doctors Pull Live Parasite From California Student's Brain

A man from Napa, Calif. is recovering from emergency surgery after doctors discovered he had a parasitic tapeworm living in his brain.

Luis Ortiz was visiting his mother in Napa when he had the "worst headache of his life," CBS SF reported.
Ortiz was about to start his senior year at Sacramento State when the headache began. After his mother called 9-1-1 and rushed him to the hospital, doctors revealed to the duo that Luis wasn't suffering from a migraine, but the headache was the result of a parasitic tapeworm attached to his brain.

After putting him in a coma, surgeons successfully performed emergency brain surgery on the man. Using a tool with a camera, the doctors discovered a sac of larvae from a tapeworm inside the brain.

CBS SF says the live parasite had formed a cyst, which had blocked off circulation inside of the man's brain.

According to the doctors, the odds are more common than you'd think.

Right now, the college senior told CBS SF that he is just looking forward to finishing school and moving past this incident.

However, the man understands how lucky he is to even be here right now.

Watch how one brain-dwelling tapeworm revealed a man's genetic secrets:
Brain-Dwelling Tapeworm Reveals Genetic Secrets

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