Kitten born without eyes gets a second chance

Kitten with No Eyes Gets a Loving Home

A kitten may have been abandoned after being born without eyes. But after hearing her story, potential new owners have been drawn to her like catnip.

Some children playing in their backyard in Plainfield, Illinois found the orange tabby kitten.

They thought she was very young and just starting to open its eyes, so their parents called the local animal shelter, Wags 2 Wishes.

When workers came to get the kitten, they could tell knew something was wrong. After taking her to the vet, they realized she had been born without eyes, which was likely why she was abandoned.

The kitten, Freya, was brought to an animal hospital to have her eye sockets closed surgically, so she wouldn't get an infection. She was placed in a foster home with one of the volunteers at Wags 2 Wishes.

But once that sad story and cute face hit social media and local news outlets, the offers to adopt Freya started pouring in.

Still, they're going to have a hard time getting her current caretaker to give her up, because she's one cute kitty.

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Kitten born without eyes gets a second chance
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