Heartbreaking confessions about dealing with the death of a pet

Whether or not you've had a pet before, it is universally understood how painful it is to lose a loved one. Those who are unfamiliar with owning a cat or dog may not understand how sentient these creatures can be -- pets are often understanding, supportive and, of course, loyal friends.

While it can be relatively easy to find sympathy for the death of a human loved one, it isn't always as easy for pets. People might view mourning a pet as overdramatic or unnecessary, therefore leading others to hide the painful emotions they might otherwise share.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal their heartbreaking truths about losing their furry best friends.

It's important to remember, when looking back on the beloved pets you've lost, that they loved you too -- just as much.

Explaining the pain of losing a beloved friend can feel nearly impossible:
My dog died. I can

Old habits die hard:
My dog died 4 months ago but sometimes I feel like I still see him around the house.

The shock of losing a friend can feel earth-shattering:
I just found out my dog died this morning. This is the worst pain I

Moving on with your life doesn't mean you don't miss or love your pet:
My cat died and a few days later we got 2 new ones, I feel bad but I really missed having a furry companion

They don't say 'dog is man's best friend' for nothing:
My dog died. I

Mourning can be an intense, dizzying process:
My cat died about 2 months ago. And I still feel like I

People often consider pets disposable or replaceable:
My cat died a few months ago and I miss her so much but I don

Moving on might feel completely impossible:
When my dog died i got up the next day and made his food and put it down where i usually would because i refused to accept he was dead.

Previously mundane objects might trigger the most intense sensory memories:
My dog died a week ago. I was cleaning up my house and found her favourite chew toy. I can

Losing a pet isn't an isolated event -- your entire life can change:
My cat died this morning. I

You might realize just how much you loved your old friend:
I know it sounds crazy but ever since my dog died I haven

Forcing yourself to move on too quickly will have the complete opposite effect:
My dog died a few days ago. I feel like my family just wants me to get over it but there

For more confessions on mourning a pet, check out Whisper.

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