Gay couple can't get married because they are legally father and son

Gay Couple Seeks to Annul Adoption in Order to Marry Now That Gay Marriage
Gay Couple Seeks to Annul Adoption in Order to Marry Now That Gay Marriage

Meet Nino Esposito, 78, and his life partner Drew Bosee, 68. The couple, who have been together for over 40 years, is living just like your average couple...except for one monumental difference.

Esposito and Bosee are technically father and son.

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Nope, no need to read this over. Esposito is "technically" Bosee's father. In order to avoid any inheritance issues, as well as to gain the same rights and benefits as other straight couples, they decided on adoption.

%shareLinks-quote="We thought it was never going to come to Pennsylvania in our lifetime." type="quote" author="Drew Bosee" authordesc="The Sun" isquoteoftheday="false"%

So, when same-sex marriage became legal across the entire U.S. recently, their legal adoption idea backfired.

Of course, Esposito and Bosee, who have been together since 1970, want to get married. The only thing in their way now is a very clear law that it is illegal for parents to marry their children.

%shareLinks-quote="It's sort of ironic that by doing the adoption, we thought we were getting ahead of the game." type="quote" author="Drew Bosee" authordesc="The Sun" isquoteoftheday="false"%​

Unfortunately for the couple, the judge refused their petition to dissolve the adoption.

See breathtaking photos from the historic moment the S.C.O.T.U.S. decision was made:

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