Forget drone delivery -- these 6-wheeled robots may take over

Starship Robot Delivers Packages Locally
Starship Robot Delivers Packages Locally

While drone delivery is still in the works and faces many legal challenges, companies are moving towards other means to implement automated logistics systems. Two former Skype cofounders Anti Heinla and Kanus Friis are exploring the potential of ground delivery paired with robots on wheels and created a new company called Starship Technologies. The company aims to introduce fleets of small, safe, easy to use and environment friendly robots that move around on wheels to deliver goods and groceries.

%shareLinks-quote="Our vision revolves around three zeroes. Zero cost, zero waiting time and zero environmental impact. We want to do to local deliveries what Skype did to telecommunications." type="quote" author="Ahti Heinla" authordesc="Skype co-founder and CEO at Starship Technologies" isquoteoftheday="false"%

These six-wheeled cubes are capable of carrying two grocery bags and can complete local deliveries at a minimal cost, if compared to the current delivery systems. Shoppers will be able to track the robot's location through a mobile app, which also lets only the app holder unlock the cargo and pick up the items. The robot is able to avoid obstacles thanks to its cameras, but it can also be operated by a human to ensure continuous safety.

Currently, the most problematic and expensive part of delivery is the last mile and Starship Technologies aims to make it a cost effective process that is also simple and sustainable. The company is working on prototypes for demonstrations and it plans to offer the first pilot services in the US, UK and other countries in 2016.

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