6-year-old provides the most genius answer to his math problem

Kid Gives Best Response For Simple Math Problem
Kid Gives Best Response For Simple Math Problem

Sometimes the way kids respond to math tests are incredibly funny and even smarter than the answers their teachers expect. While everyone hates taking tests, some students are creative enough to make them highly entertaining thing to read, just like in this case.

kid has genius answer to math problem
kid has genius answer to math problem

The problem at hand was a simple one:

%shareLinks-quote="Bobby has four dimes. Amy has 30 pennies. Which child has more money?" type="spreadWord"%

After answering this question correctly, this genius 6-year-old boy went on to tackle the test's next stumper, and this is where magic happened:

%shareLinks-quote="How do you know? Show your thinking." type="spreadWord"%

At this point, most kids would have elaborated their calculations showing that each dime is worth $0.10, therefore making Bobby the owner of $0.40 while Amy's pennies amount to $0.30. Luckily for the Internet, which went crazy over this kid's response, our boy is way more creative than that. Instead of showing the math behind the answer, the student took "showing your thinking" very literally and drew his sad face on a stickman who raises a hand to its forehead and pops out a "thinking" bubble containing the name "Bobby". Here is the photo from the test:

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