2 Point Lead: Tiki Barber in the house

2 Point Lead: Tiki Barber in the House
2 Point Lead: Tiki Barber in the House

Tiki Barber was a king of New York sports for years with the New York Giants. Since his retirement, he's become a prominent member of sports media -- and most recently, a marathon runner.

He took part in the New York City Marathon this past weekend, and it did it for Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia's charity, the Pitcch In Foundation, which helps children in their academic and athletic endeavors. When running, he uses KT Tape, which helps support his joints after playing football for a decade.

At 2 Point Lead headquarters, Tiki stopped by to chat about running, his NFL days and tried to tell apart other pairs of twins -- sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully.

Take a look at the interview above, and check out the gallery below for the best photos of Week 8 in the NFL.

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