World's largest cat painting sells for over $800K

World's Largest Cat Painting Sells For Over $800K
What's been called "one of the finest cat pictures in the world," is now probably one of the most expensive.

"My Wife's Lovers" by Carl Kahler depicts 42 cats in multiple states of repose. It sold at Sotheby's on Tuesday for $826,000.

The painting was originally commissioned by feline aficionado and millionaire Kate Birdsall Johnson in 1891.

Johnson had a summer home named Buena Vista outside of Sonoma, California. That 3,000-acre estate housed Johnson's 350 cats.

They were constantly cared for by a dedicated group of servants.

Kahler spent three years studying, sketching and getting to know Johnson's cats.

Those years of study culminated in the six-by-eight-and-a-half-foot painting, so large that even Sotheby's struggled showcasing it.

Polly Sartori, head of 19th Century European Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture at the auction house, told artnet News, "When we originally put the painting up on a normal wall, it pulled the nails right out."
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