'Unreal' photo of goat lounging against police cruiser goes viral

Officers were called to West Street for a loose goat tonight. They found him, or more accurately he found them, and then...

Posted by Granby Police Department - MA on Monday, November 2, 2015

On Monday night, officers in Granby, MA were summoned to West Street after receiving a report of a goat on the loose. During their search efforts, the goat found the police officers instead.

According to the officers who found - or were found by - the lively goat, the animal approached their police cruiser and began licking the driver's window. The goat continued to stand on his hind legs and lick the cruiser window until his owner arrived to collect him.

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Luckily, the police at the scene were able to snap an epic pic of the goat casually chilling against the police cruiser before the incident concluded. The police department shared the photo to their Facebook page late Monday evening, and it's been shared over 1,700 times since then.

In addition to the multiple shares and "likes," punny followers have taken to the post to submit some seriously baaad jokes. Some examples of said jokes are:

"Is he goating to jail?"
"What is wrong with kids today?
"Who you gonna call? Goat busters."
"It is believed that alcohol might have been involved."
"That goat was Baaaaaad."

According to the police officers on the scene, the entire ordeal was "unreal but true." We're glad the goat made it home safe and sound, and we're even more glad that we now have this glorious picture to keep us entertained.

Watch this video to see adorable baby goats messing around in a playground:

Baby Goats Kid Around in Playground
Baby Goats Kid Around in Playground

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