President Obama mocks GOP candidates: 'They can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators'

Obama Blasts GOP Candidates Over CNBC Debate
Obama Blasts GOP Candidates Over CNBC Debate

President Obama has plenty to say about the GOP candidates hoping to take over his job next year — and none of it is good.

"Have you noticed that every one of these candidates say, 'Obama's weak. Putin's kicking sand in his face. When I talk to Putin, he's going to straighten out,'" Obama said at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York City on Monday, referring to the common opinion between the candidates that he's allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin too much leeway.

"Then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators at the debate. Let me tell you, if you can't handle those guys, then I don't think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you," he continued.

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Obama voiced his disdain at a star-filled fundraiser tied to a performance of the hit Broadway musical, "Hamilton," attended by Hollywood A-listers Martin Scorsese, Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Ethan Hawke, Edward Norton and Scarlett Johansson.

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CNBC became the biggest story in media after last Wednesday night's GOP debate for all the wrong reasons when is spiraled into a debacle of mismanagement.

"Everyone feels pretty embarrassed," a veteran staffer at the network later told CNN's Brian Stelter, while others laid blame for the debate debacle on CNBC President Mark Hoffman.

See photos from the last GOP debate:

Republicans also slammed the primary debate on the financial news network, saying the questions lacked substance and the moderators failed to adhere to agreed-upon standards. The Republican National Committee (RNC) has since suspended its partnership with NBC over the mess.

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Obama continued to make digs at the Republican candidates at Monday's event. "According to them everything was really good in 2008," he said. "When we were going through the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes, unemployment and uninsured rates were up, we were hopelessly addicted to foreign oil and [Osama] bin Laden was still on the loose.

"This apparently was the golden age that I messed up."

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"They're so glum," he added of the 2016 GOP field that includes Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. "They're really so frustrated ... Everybody here's got a list of things we've got to tackle. But maybe what makes us a little different as Democrats is we try to base our analysis on facts."

As for "Hamilton," Obama was far more impressed. "Man I love this show. It's the only thing Dick Cheney and I agree on," he said after the performance, where tickets were going for $5,000.

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