Day after grand opening, Iranian police shut down nation's first KFC and explain with a note


A KFC restaurant opened for the first time in Teheran, Iran's capital city, but authorities shut it down just 24 hours later. The restaurant, called KFC Halal, is the first american branch of this kind to open in the country after being approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines. Many customers showed up at the opening to try the fried chicken offered on the menu, but about a day later, Iranian police intervened to close the facility. After sealing the restaurant, the authorities posted a sign on the door stating that the place was to remain closed until further notice.

According to Tasnim News Acency the note stated that the location's decor resembles the U.S. flag and its presence can be seen as a part of American influence into Iranian culture. According to Mashable, it is not clear if this KFC branch, which was licensed through a KFC-branded chain in Turkey, officially belonged to the American franchise. The head of the Trade Chamber of Iran mentioned that the KFC that opened in Teheran had nothing to do with the American KFC, highlighting that the hard lines among which Iran moves when it comes to adopting a western-style franchise.

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