Clueless thief steals Tesla -- owner tracks him with app and leads to arrest

Woman Helps Police Find Her Stolen Tesla
Woman Helps Police Find Her Stolen Tesla

A car thief learned the hard way that you don't mess with a Tesla. Something very similar to the story in the video above happened to Katya Pinkowsky, a Vancouver resident who found her Tesla Model S was missing from the parking lot where she left it. According to The Province, after checking if the car had been tolled, the woman called her husband who immediately activated the Tesla App on his phone to track the car. Thanks to the detailed information provided by the app, the man could see that the vehicle was cruising away at 70 kilometers per hour and kept tracking its location while on the phone with 911.

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Police were able to catch up with the thief, surround the car and arrest him while recovering the vehicle. A report from 2014 claims that only four Teslas were stolen in the US, thanks to their technological level that deters potential thieves from breaking into their windows and drive away with them.

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