Anti-gay bully apologizes to victim years later...on a gay dating app

Best Dating Apps for People Who Are Tired of Tinder
Best Dating Apps for People Who Are Tired of Tinder

Oh, how the tables have turned!

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For John Paul Brammer growing up gay in a small town in Oklahoma, being his true self came with many obstacles.

%shareLinks-quote="In the town he and I had grown up in, being gay was seen as one of the worst things you could be. You might as well not even be human." type="quote" author="John Paul Brammer" authordesc="Buzzfeed" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Brammer was scrolling through the gay dating app, Scruff, when he came across this "mystery man" with a blank profile. The man proceeded to message Brammer and revealed they had gone to highschool together.

The man responded, "You probably don't like me... haha. I was a little mean to you."

Brammer remembers the tormenting experiences he had in high school as a gay teenager, and does in fact remember this man in particular. While he says he was not the worst of the bullies, Brammer recalls to Buzzfeed, "I think it was the casual way he joined in on the harassment that made me hate him."

Naturally, Brammer was still upset with the bully, but came to the realization that he must have been hurting too, as they were in fact both hiding a secret.

%shareLinks-quote="All this time, he'd been closeted. Just like me. Yes, he had hurt me. Yes, he was wrong to hurt me." type="quote" author="John Paul Brammer" authordesc="Pink News" isquoteoftheday="false"%

The bully proceeded to ask Brammer if he wanted to meet up, to which he responded, "No...Have a good life, man."

[h/t Buzzfeed and Pink News]

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