Airport security has allegedly been placing bullets in travelers' bags to extort them

Manila 'Bullet Scam' In Philippine Airport
Manila 'Bullet Scam' In Philippine Airport

While airport security should be confiscating dangerous items from luggages, the Manila airport staff has allegedly been doing just the opposite. According to BBC, the airport in the Philippines has been at the center of controversy recently, with what has become to be known as the "bullet scam." Security personnel has apparently been placing bullets in passengers' bags to extort them. Once they stop a passenger they ask to either pay a fine or face being charged with illegal possession of ammunition.

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Traveler and overseas Filipino worker Gloria Ortinez, was detained when she was flying from Manila to Hong Kong after the staff found a bullet, which she denied was hers due to the extreme safety measures at the destination. Ortinez was kept in detention for a few days before she was released. This is just one example of many similar cases that have raised suspicion. Surveillance at the airport has been increased to keep an eye on any possible case of extortion since the number of complains started being out of the ordinary.

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