Watch Paul Rudd get soaked in beer after Royals World Series win

Congrats, Paul Rudd: Your Royals Are World Series Champs
Congrats, Paul Rudd: Your Royals Are World Series Champs

Well known Kansas City Royals super fan Paul Rudd looked right at home during the post game locker room celebration at Citi Field right after the Royals won the World Series. Thanks to Mike Oz of Yahoo Sports, we all got to see a very wet (and possibly inebriated) Mike Moustakas exchange a bit of bro-pleasantries with Paul Rudd himself right before the Moose and his teammates remedied a very dry Rudd.

Check out that video below.

Hey, hold up. Hold on. He's way too dry. Way too dry. Hey get you some! *Beer sprays everywhere*

Apparently, if you're going to stay in the Royals locker-room, you'd better be soaked head to toe in the celebratory beverage of choice nowadays; beer.

It's no mystery that Rudd has been a supporter of the Royals ever since he was a little kid. When Rudd was 10, his family moved to Overland Park, Kansas where arguably his love for the Royals first began. Rudd later attended the University of Kansas where he completed his major in theater.

Not only is he a Royals fan, but a Chiefs fan as well where he infamously narrated the voice-over for the HBO's Hard Knocks series in which the Kansas City Chiefs were highlighted. And according to the Kansas City Star, his son is even a Royals fan despite never actually having lived in Kansas City.

"My son is a huge Chiefs, Royals and Sporting KC fan. He loves barbecue and talks about it all the time. He would move to Kansas in a heartbeat."

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