This incredible soup kitchen offers meals for homeless people and their pets

Homelessness in USA
Homelessness in USA

For many people, pets are part of the family. Few would think twice before putting their pet's needs above their own. One soup kitchen has that same perspective and is offering up meals for both homeless people and their pets.

Collide, a New York-based soup kitchen helps folks to not have to choose their needs over their pets. Food, along with medical care, education and other supplies are awaiting both parties at the mission.

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Since 2010, Collide has been offering "family meals" to homeless people and their animals every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. The program is a collaboration between Collide and the Grafitti Church in New York's Lower East Side.

%shareLinks-quote="These weekly meals allow us to connect with our clients while outfitting them with supplies needed for themselves and their animals." type="quote" author="Collide's website" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%


A volunteer from Collide told the Huffington Post that the organization also hopes to dispel any notions that those who are homeless do not make good pet owners.

%shareLinks-quote="Pets can be an incredibly therapeutic presence in homeless people's lives, from a psychological and spiritual perspective ... Particularly for people facing extreme adversity, that can be an incredibly important, even life-sustaining relationship." type="quote" author="Jeff Latzer" authordesc="Collide volunteer" isquoteoftheday="false"%

The Huffington Post reports that Collide aims to provide resources to the many homeless youths who are denied access to shelters because of their animals.

At the mission, pets can receive medical treatment, such as vaccinations and dog licensing.

Collide hopes to expand their operation past their Lower East Side location, with help from other aid groups and volunteer vets.

The Huffington Post also reports that the ministry is hoping to find NYPD officers willing to have human and pet supplies on hand when they meet homeless people on the streets.

Click here to donate to Collide.

Watch these two women take it to the streets to spread kindness to pets of homeless people:

Taking It To the Streets Spread Kindness to Pets of the Homeless
Taking It To the Streets Spread Kindness to Pets of the Homeless

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