Remember Boston Rob from 'Survivor?' See what he looks like now

Boston Rob Wins Survivor: Redemption Island
Boston Rob Wins Survivor: Redemption Island

Remember Boston Rob? Who could forget that iconic Beantown accent and strategic "Survivor" moves?

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Robert "Boston Rob" Carlo Mariano first made his TV debut in the early days of the reality phenomenon in "Survivor: Marquesas" in 2002.

He continued to capture the attention of millions on "Survivor: All Stars," where he was the runner-up to his wife-to-be and fellow contestant, Amber Brkich. Rob proposed to Amber during the show's live finale, cementing their spots in "Survivor" royalty.

Survivor: All-Stars Finale/Reunion Show
Survivor: All-Stars Finale/Reunion Show

Well, "Survivor" fans...we are elated to report that Rob and Amber are still happily married and the parents of four adorable young girls.

Clearly, Mariano and his family are still avid supporters of the Boston Red Sox and "Survivor." ​

According to his website, Mariano now focuses his attention on his production company, Murlonio Productions, "which is currently developing new and innovative projects in the television and entertainment industry."

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