PETA going after Dez Bryant after Instagram pic with monkey

Dez Bryant Shows Off His New Pet ... Monkey?
Dez Bryant Shows Off His New Pet ... Monkey?

As the ski instructor's advice turned internet meme circa 2012 goes, "If you post potentially illegal stuff on Instagram, you're gonna have a bad time." According to Pro Football talk on Monday, it looks like an Instagram post from Dez Bryant has unfortunately caught the attention of PETA.

One week ago, Bryant posted a photo of him cuddling what was found out to be a capuchin monkey aptly dubbed, "Dallas Bryant." Swaddled in a towel and sporting a surprised look, the photo has since garnered more than 51,000 likes and over 3,000 comments. Not surprisingly some of the comments mention that, "PETA is coming."

PETA spoke with TMZ sports on the issue and had some strong words for the Dallas Cowboys Wide receiver. According to PETA, Bryant's actions were,

"...completely irresponsible and he would live to regret it (his decision.) Monkeys belong in the wild and are not for football players who acquire exotic animals just to make a spalsh on instagram."

As of right now, there's no word from Bryant or his publicist that he actually bought this monkey and is keeping it as a pet. And according to the Dallas news, this wouldn't be the first time a monkey spent some time with the Dallas Cowboys as one-season player Oronde Gadsen infamously had his pet monkey Malik hanging around the locker room back in 1995.

We think Bryant possibly is working in conjunction with a local zoo and probably sponsored this pet. If not, and he actually owns Dallas Bryant, it's going to be hard raising one in captivity. In either case, we hope there's a trained professional looking out for this primate. Also, we wouldn't be surprised if this little dude learns how to throw up the X anytime soon. If that happens, we're sure to see it on Instagram first.

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