Mets fan jumps the gun on World Series tattoo

Royals Win World Series, Top Mets 7-2
Royals Win World Series, Top Mets 7-2

Tattoos are permanent, but you can always cover them up. That must have been the mentality of a New York Mets fan who was a little over-confident with his team and their skill level going into the World Series.

The Mets faced off against the Kansas City Royals, and were dominated for most of the series, losing in five games after dropping Sunday's contest 7-2. However, last week before the series started, a fan decided to display his confidence on his body, getting a special tattoo that read, "WORLD-CHAMPS" and "2015" surrounding a Mets logo.

Fandom is great and all, but this one really takes the cake.

The Twitter user who posted this later defended the picture, saying it was not his tattoo (although he does have some of his own). He simply reposted the picture for a good laugh.

As the user says on Twitter, the real person with the tattoo definitely regrets this one. There's no fear though, because he can easily find an artist to cover up the "2015" and replace it with "1986" if he really wants to. But I would hope that he keeps the tattoo for a good laugh and story to tell when they go to parties.

Confidence is one thing, but permanent ink is a whole other ballgame. Better to have the first appointment after the World Series for the first tattoo than to have to wear this gem afterwards.

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