OnlyOnAOL: Hal Rubenstein: 'Life experience is what makes you sexy'

Hal Rubenstein on "The Looks of Love"
Hal Rubenstein on "The Looks of Love"


Hal Rubenstein knows fashion is more than it seams.

His latest tome, "The Looks of Love: 50 Moments in Fashion That Inspired Romance," takes a look at some of the most dazzlingly passionate moments in pop culture.

"The wonder of popular art is that you don't see these alone or in a vacuum," he says.

So we asked him about a few of the most glamorous, gorgeous releases of the past few decades.

1967's "Bonnie and Clyde," starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as two very stylish outlaws: "At the heart of this movie is this incredible romance between these ridiculously beautiful people. (Costume designer) Theadora Van Runkl had the brilliant touch of putting hats on everybody, the beret. One of the really clever things that she did was with Warren and Faye – even though the film is set in the '20s, neither one of them have '20s hair and makeup. She wanted to relate to a modern audience."

1999's "The Thomas Crown Affair," featuring Rene Russo and Piers Brosnan: "Rene Russo is in a spy caper, a sexy spy caper, with middle aged actors and actresses doing a hot nude scene. A middle aged woman can be hot and sexual. That's how Michael Kors dressed her. He loves mature women. One of her sexiest outfits is a high-necked sweater. I don't believe a woman can be sexy until she's over 40."

Wait, Mr. Rubenstein, we love you for saying that!

"I knew you'd say that. Life experience is what makes you sexy. I just had the pleasure of being in Sophia Loren's company and she's still sexy. She can exude her experiences. You can be hot and pretty. But sexy, that requires some time on this earth," he says.