Falling toddler saved by framed 'The Last Supper'

Falling Toddler Saved By Framed 'The Last Supper'
Falling Toddler Saved By Framed 'The Last Supper'

A painting of "The Last Supper" is being credited with saving a Philadelphia toddler's life.

According to an NBC affiliate, Dionna Praylow left her 3-year-old son Reginald alone in the bathroom to go grab his pajamas after a bath. When she returned, her son was gone. She says she frantically ran downstairs to find her naked son crying and limping back into the home. His only injury was a bruised arm.

The family later went to the backyard to see where Reginald had fallen and saw the framed Last Supper photo. They have no idea what it was doing outside.

A Philly Special Victim's Unit later concluded that Reginald leaned on the windowsill before accidentally pushing through a plexiglass window, falling into the backyard and onto the framed picture.

People all around the world have printed copies of the 15th century mural painting. The original masterpiece was painted in Milan, Italy where people from all over travel to see it and many believe it holds a deeper, even hidden, meaning.

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