Don Mattingly introduced as Miami Marlins manager

Miami Marlins Hire Don Mattingly as Manager
Miami Marlins Hire Don Mattingly as Manager

Just weeks after being fired by the Los Angeles Dodgers for failing to take a star-studded team with a high payroll over the hump, Don Mattingly was introduced as the Miami Marlins manager the morning after the World Series in a vastly different situation. Taking on the challenge of managing a Marlins team that has a reputation for running at a significantly lower payroll.

Mattingly suffered two heartbreaking losses in the NLDS before being fired by the Dodgers, but now he is taking on a risky challenge by going to a franchise that has fired a long list of managers since the turn of the decade. Seven managers to be exact as the Marlins have been one of the most unstable franchises in all of Major League Baseball.

On Monday that wasn't the focus however, as the manager who has been given a four year contract in Miami was confident that he will be here to stay during his press conference introduction. Claiming that he believes he will be in charge of the Marlins dugout for not just the duration of his contract, but for a full decade.

Mattingly has a lot to prove after failing to take the Dodgers star studded lineup led by aces in Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke to the World Series. He will have that opportunity in Miami as he will be managing a team that will test his abilities and give him the chance to silence the critics who claim his playoff appearances came due to the Dodgers high payroll.

Miami has some talent with the likes of Giancarlo Stanton, but if Mattingly is to last in Miami he is going to have to make the most with less talent than he had with the Dodgers. If that happens he could be around for a lot longer than the recent names in Miami who have led to a revolving door of managers in the last five years. The Marlins hoping that Mattingly can bring some much needed stability to the franchise.

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