7 tips for nailing fall's hottest hair color trends

7 tips for nailing fall's hottest hair color trends
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7 tips for nailing fall's hottest hair color trends


What it is: A brown base with golden highlights.

Who it’s best for: Light to medium-dark brown hair.

How to do it: Start with a natural brown base, then add highlights all over.

Kari’s tip: Don’t veer too far from your starting base (even your natural brown is fine) because it’s not about the roots, it’s about the highlights. 

Honey Wheat

What it is: Blonde hair with blonde highlights. Think golden yellow versus bright or icy.

Who it’s best for: Dark blondes and those covering grays.

How to do it: The secret is selecting a multifaceted base with warm undertones. Create dimension by choosing lighter or darker highlights based on your starting shade.

Kari’s tip: Look for terms like “golden” when selecting your color. Avoid boxes that boast cool results. 

Champagne Red

What it is: An allover lighter-red shade broken up with warm highlights. We like to think of it as the chic sister of strawberry blonde.

Who it’s best for: Dark blondes and natural redheads.

How to do it: Start with a natural-looking red base, then give your hair that bubbly champagne sparkle with luminous highlights.

Kari’s tip: For your base hue, you don’t want to go more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural color. 

Warm Black

What it is: Soft, warm black versus an edgier blue-black.

Who it’s best for: Girls with a medium-to-dark brown base.

How to do it: Choose a shade that has warm undertones and apply all over!

Kari’s tip: This is not a color that’s easily reversed, so think twice before you commit -- it may not be for everyone, but it’s a great way to warm up already-dark hair.

Multitone Brunette

What it is: Brown hair with light undertones.

Who it’s best for: Ombre or highlighted brown hair -- it’s the perfect way to refresh sun-battered strands.

How to do it: Apply a rich brown shade all over. Your hair will look multidimensional where it’s naturally lighter from sun exposure, highlights or fading ombre.

Kari’s tip: When shopping for your color, look for the word “warm” or “rich” on the box. Avoid shades that boast neutral or ash results. 

Deep Copper

What it is: A shimmery bronze-red shade.

Who it’s best for: Dark-blonde and light-brown hair.

How to do it: Because it’s an allover application, the key to mastering this look is all in the color selection. You can’t miss with a boxed color that has copper in the name and a subtle blue undertone.

Kari’s tip: Whether you’re going red at home or at the salon, you should wait to shampoo for at least 24 to 48 hours after the color processing. It will help your hair hold the color longer.

Shadowed Roots

What it is: Highlighted hair with darker roots. It’s one of our favorites because it buys a little time between touch-ups.

Who it’s best for: Anyone with highlights.

How to do it: Do a full head of highlights in a shade close to your natural color, and then come back in with a darker shade to deepen and soften the roots.

Kari’s tip: If you’re trying it at home, there are two ways to get the look. The first is for unbleached strands: Add highlights, but avoid your roots. The second is for already-highlighted hair: Choose a color a hint darker than your highlights and massage it in only at the roots


By The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

We checked in with celebrity colorist Kari Hill, who's been known to touch up some all-star tresses (think Karlie Kloss). She gave us the scoop on the latest fall hair color trends, plus some key pointers for the most flawless execution -- regardless of whether you're tackling the task at home or in a salon.

Click through the slideshow above for our insider's guide to the best shades of the season.

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