5 great tasting juice cleanses to try at least once

5 Phases of a Juice Cleanse
Whether you're a health nut or are simply looking to try something new, juice cleanses may be the way to go. Let's face it, it's not exactly easy to stay on a consistent diet and completely cutting out your favorite foods cold turkey probably isn't even an option.

So, why not get juicin'? If you don't know much about juice cleansing, we've got your back. Basically. a juice cleanse is when a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while abstaining from food consumption. This may last a week, a few days -- or however long you'd like it to last (that's the best part).

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If this sounds like something you might be interested in, take a look below at 5 yummy juice cleanses that will refresh your body and mind. And the best part? They don't taste like straight wheat grass shots!

1. Pressed Juicery

2. Suja Juice

3. Juice Generation

4. BluePrint Cleanse

5. Ritual Wellness

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9 Cleansing and Diet Tips for Spring from Pressed Juicery's Hayden Slayter
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5 great tasting juice cleanses to try at least once


Hayden is a firm believer that people shouldn't compare themselves to others when it comes to changing their eating habits and lifestyle, and should instead focus on what really works for their own individual needs. "I am a true foodie at my core ... and so for me, it's a true balance between exercise and food. There's no real right or wrong, but the more we simplify it, and incorporate these baby steps that can actually last, that's when we see the true transformations and the long-term kind of results."

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Hayden enjoys eating with the seasons, and some of his favorite fruits in the warmer months are berries, melons and pomegranates. He also loves incorporating acai into smoothies, in addition to chia, turmeric, clay and charcoal. 

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"My Vitamix is my best friend," Hayden admits. But that isn't the only item in his kitchen that he can't live without. "I recently was introduced ... to a Crock-Pot, which has literally changed my life," he said. "I just throw in grains and beans and vegetables and make incredibly delicious concoctions. I'm big on soups and smoothies."

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A doctor tasked Hayden with giving up sugar for one week, and on the seventh day, eating as much refined sugar as he possibly could to see how he felt. "It was crazy ... I don't think I've felt that sick in years," he said. "It was a two-day fog. It just kind of showed me how bad true sugar and refined sugar is."

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While Hayden recommends cutting back on refined sugars in your diet, he's all for natural sweeteners (like the kind found in fruit). "It’s crazy how much you can get out of natural sweeteners," Hayden shares. "We just launched Freeze, which is essentially a frozen yogurt option without dairy, and it’s made from fruits and vegetables. It’s crazy how sweet you can get things just with natural produce."

Freeze is available in six flavors, including greens, citrus, fruits, roots, vanilla almond and chocolate almond.

(photo credit: Pressed Juicery)


Hayden loves to start his morning with a greens juice, which makes him feel good mentally. However, it does depend on his mood. Sometimes he'll start the day with a root juice with beets and carrots, or one of Pressed Juicery's signature blends that are more nut-based. Then throughout the day he tends to gravitate toward more hydrating juices with coconut water or electrolytes to give himself a bit more energy.

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If you've never tried a cleanse before, Hayden recommends maybe not jumping into a full liquid cleanse right away, and instead easing into it. "Maybe it’s incorporating a juice as a meal replacement for a day or two, or juicing during the day and having a light meal for dinner, and then slowly, as you feel more and more comfortable, going in toward the all-liquid," he suggests.

"If you’re a first timer and you want to do a true cleanse and just stick to the juice, my strong recommendation would be to stick to pre- and post-cleansing because it really makes that big of a difference. And what that essentially means is for three days prior and three days after, try to only consume foods that are really easy to digest, primarily fruits and vegetables, and stay away from the sugar, the dairy and the protein, because it just makes that transition into the cleanse that much better and the results that much stronger."

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Hayden also shares that while he's a huge advocate for cleansing and it worked wonders for him, he recognizes that it's not for everyone. "Pressed Juicery is not a cleanse company, we're truly a juice company, and I'd much rather people incorporate a juice into their regimen, whether it's once a day, once a week or once a month, than to just periodically do a cleanse for a couple of days."


When talking about cleaning up your diet, it can be difficult to think about giving up some of your favorite foods to eat, but Hayden says it's all about finding ways to make your favorites a little bit lighter. "So for example, I love sweets. Incorporating something like Freeze instead of frozen yogurt is great," Hayden shares. 

If he has a sweet tooth, instead of going to a cupcake, he'll have a glass of almond milk, which satisfies the craving without all of the refined sugars.

But that's not Hayden's only trick. "Like I said, I love pizza. My new obsession is cauliflower-crusted pizza. It’s actually fun to make, and it’s so delicious," he shares. "I also love pasta, so [I substitute] regular noodles with rice noodles, or soba noodles, or buckwheat noodles, just trying to find alternatives. I do my version of risotto with farro, and it’s delicious."

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