School kids welcome 'Waving Grandma' back from hospital in the best way possible


Our wonderful "Grandma in the Window" was able to come home yesterday! The APS buses that drove by honked while the kids...

Posted by Arlington Public Schools, Arlington WA on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An elderly grandmother has stood at her window every morning for the past five years, waving at the school bus full of students that passed by.

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They also quickly noticed when the elderly woman stopped appearing in her window. After the white-haired woman had been gone for several days, the concerned bus driver, Carol Mitzelfeld, decided to search for answers.

Mitzelfield discovered that she had suffered a stroke.

7th grader Axtin Bandewerfhorst told KING 5 News that the grandmother's story was heartbreaking, "because she was always there."

%shareLinks-quote="Carol was telling us that a lot of times she doesn't remember her daughter's name, but she always remembers to wave to the kids on the bus ... That made me feel really special." type="quote" author="Axtin Bandewerfhorst" authordesc="7th Grader" isquoteoftheday="false"%

The students learned that the crazy white-haired woman's name is Louise Edlen. The 93-year old woman is a grandmother to 30 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.

As a gesture of compassion, Mitzelfeld gifted Elden a bouquet of flowers. The next morning, the school bus saw a sign from Elden hanging on her window, which simply read, "Thank You."

To welcome the grandmother back home, the heartbroken kids snapped a photo of them waving from the bus with a special message saying, "Welcome Home."

Even though her stroke left her throat with partial paralysis, Elden was able to say how much she missed her schoolchildren and can't wait to return to her window to wave at them again.

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