Pets don't understand daylight saving time

Pets Don't Understand Daylight Savings Time
Pets Don't Understand Daylight Savings Time

The change from daylight saving time can be a rest-filled time for people across the country as every state (except Arizona) adds an extra hour to their day. Many Americans use this extra hour to get some additional shut-eye.

That is, Americans without pets.

%shareLinks-quote="Twitter was flooded Sunday morning with photos of disgruntled sleepers after they were awaken by their furry friends." type="spreadWord"%

A little terrier made sure his owner woke up and took advantage of her extra hour Sunday.

And a New York Resident's dog barked his owner into joining him for a day at the park.

Dogs weren't the only culprits though. When you're a cat, there's really no better way to make sure your owner takes advantage of their extra hour than to use them as a seat as soon as you wake up.

And although Grumpy Cat probably did not wake anyone up, he still managed to get in on the action.

Want more animals? Check out the gallery below:

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