Giants punter hits the Saints with a chip shot celebration

NFL Doesn't Want 'Sexually Suggestive' Celebrations
NFL Doesn't Want 'Sexually Suggestive' Celebrations

For those interested in only the celebration, see video below. For those interested in a discussion of punters celebrating, feel free to scroll down after the embed.

So how do we feel about a punter celebrating? It's a curious space.

In essence, whenever a punter enters the field of play it's because his teammates failed to do their job. There was no score, the team stalled and the punter is mopping up. He is not a welcome sign, by neither fans nor coaches.

Yet it's a job that must be completed with perfection. The punter is not only a janitor, he's also a table-setter. He establishes field position, and dictates how the next defensive series will be called. Essentially, the punter is a pivot point for every NFL team.

So, circling back: how do we feel about Giants punter Brad Wing celebrating his team's solid special teams play?

I kinda like it. Chip shot kick, chip shot celebration. Pretty good form on that chip, though Wing could possibly bend his knees a bit more and work on the followthrough. But hell, why not celebrate a job well done? The game's supposed to be fun.