WHO clarifies it's okay to eat processed meats -- in moderation

WHO Clarifies It's Okay To Eat Processed Meats--In Moderation

There was such a strong response to the World Health Organization's finding linking processed meats with an increased risk of cancer that the group has issued statements trying to clarify its position.

A spokesman has since been quoted as saying, "We're not saying stop eating processed meats altogether... But we do not want to do anything to excess."

He then mentions research which has shown the fewer processed meats a person eats, the less likely he or she is to get colorectal cancer.

In fact, the study found that for every 1.75 ounces of processed meat like hot dogs, bacon, or ham that is eaten daily, the risk of developing colorectal cancer goes up by 18 percent.

The health agency has posted a series of follow-up tweets which echo the spokesman's comments in terms of recommending moderate consumption—not a complete ban.

The group also added that meat offers nutritional benefits as opposed to other known carcinogens like cigarettes and asbestos which have "no safe level of exposure."

The WHO plans to continue researching these foods as part of a healthy diet early next year.
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