Watch this adorable baby learn how to howl from his pets

Little kids are like sponges when it comes to absorb everything around them and learn how the world works. They learn how to talk, move, eat and behave by looking and listening to things and people around them. If what surrounds them are howling dogs, they will learn how to howl.

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This is what happened to YouTube user Larry Woods' son, who had to witness his father's dogs howl so much in what become actual screaming battles that he too started imitating the animals' behavior. An adorable video that Woods posted online shows the 5-month-old baby sitting on his daddy's lap while the dogs howl at each other right in front of him. Suddenly the baby feels like he has to take part to the howling battle and chimes in.

Here is the ultimate showdown of puppies vs babies:

Puppies Vs. Babies : The Ultimate Showdown
Puppies Vs. Babies : The Ultimate Showdown

And these are some adorable photos of babies with puppies:

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