This wearable battery is a belt that charges your phone

Are you always running out of battery on your phone and you don't like to carry around those weird portable chargers that you never know where to keep? This invention may be the solution for your struggle. The Ion Belt is a sleek device that doubles as a belt for your pants and a charger for your phone. While it looks just like a regular belt that you would use on any normal day, the gadget is filled with flexible batteries that adapt to the shape of your waist and let you carry some extra charge while comfortably wearing it in a discrete way.

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The belt has a light indicator that shows the charge level of the battery and the buckle pin functions as a USB connector to charge it. The other end of the belt has a USB port that lets you plug in a cable to charge your devices. The Ion Belt is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and you can grab your own early bird for $79 before it retails for $130 or more.

Battery life remains a major issue when it comes to even the most advance smartphones on the market and manufacturers can't seem to find a solution that is internal to the hardware you carry on your palm. Devices such as the Ion Belt could help you keep your phone alive without having to keep extra gadgets in your bag or pockets since it integrates seamlessly into an accessory you normally use.

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