This five-minute hand exercise can help you balance your emotions and energy

How to Give a Hand Massage
How to Give a Hand Massage

For most of us, when we have a particular pain or ailment, we're used to reaching for our medicine cabinet.

It's always recommended to follow the advice of doctors — especially when concerning certain life-saving signs and symptoms — but what about for simple, everyday aches and pains?

Outside the pharmaceutical realm, there are definitely painless, natural alternatives — and among these are hand reflexology exercises suggested by Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient healing art.

According to this philosophy, each finger on the hand is correlated to two of our 10 organs. — and in an exclusive guide below, we explore some very easy exercises you can do with your hands.

Based on research compiled by noted reflexologists Barbara and Kevin Kunz, these exercises have shown to greatly improve the physical and emotional states of patients.

While these exercises should never take the place of a doctor's opinion, they might be an interesting alternative to those over-the-counter pain medicines we're so used to taking.

Scroll further to take a look at each of these incredibly simple finger exercises. Let us know if you'll be trying them out at home!

According to the ancient art of reflexology, each finger is linked to a different ailment and emotion.

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The well-documented practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu is very much related to meditation.

Through massaging the hand and body's pressure points, and through relaxing and breathing deeply, you will be able to enter a clear stream of consciousness. From there, you'll be able to access fundamental emotions and states of mind.

Combined, the fingers correlate to core feelings and attitudes, including those of anxiety, fear, insecurity, and irritability. Gently applying pressure to your hands and fingers may have an impact on very specific organs.

Below, we outline which effects are related to each of the fingers, and how you can best balance out some aggravated emotions.

Scroll on to start trying yourself!

Thumb: Anxiety and Headaches

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As an anchor for the hand, the thumb carries the weight of all decisions. It is most commonly linked to the emotions of depression and anxiety. It is also linked to the spleen and the stomach.

If you have been feeling down and more worried lately, or have been experiencing more headaches and bouts of nervousness, try holding the thumb, and gently apply pressure to it. Make sure not to squeeze too hard, as you don't want to pinch yourself!

Do this for three to five minutes, or until you have cleared your mind.

Index: Frustration and Muscle Aches

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Second in line is the index finger, which has been linked to the states of fear and confusion as well as the kidney.

Among the reviewed reflexology studies, many kidney dialysis patients have been reported to see improvement with these massages, according to the University of Minnesota.

Patients who had issues with muscle and back aches or discomfort in their arms and legs have also reported feeling better after these massages.

Reflexology exercises are also widely known to reduce areas of pain and inflammation. If you've been feeling more fatigued than usual lately, or if you've been experiencing issues with circulation, try applying pressure to your middle finger.

This finger is mainly linked to the emotions of anger and irritability. According to the Jin Shin Jyutsu philosophy, it also helps with problems of the liver.

Exercises like this also create a notable relaxation effect. After practicing these exercises, patients saw a decrease in their blood pressure and anxiety levels, according to a review done by experts at Kunz & Kunz.

Ring: Negativity and Digestive Problems

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If you've been having doubts about yourself, or if you've been feeling negative or sad energy all around, try focusing on the ring finger.

Applying pressure here may also help with digestive and respiratory issues. Overall, reflexology exercises like this one were shown to help reduce pain found in the chest and kidneys, according to reflexology expert Wendy Coad.

When doing these exercises, remember to always stay calm and to control your breathing!

Pinky: Nervousness and Stress

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Most commonly, the little finger is linked to a state of low self-esteem. You may be someone who's constantly overthinking situations, or judging something a bit too hard.

As you do this exercise, try to let go of the checklist of things that are bogging you down, and try to clear your mind and be in the present.

This exercise will be great if you are suffering from body pains and aches or nerve problems.

Palm: Nausea and Tension

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The palms of the hand are also extremely important. You can either hold the center of the palm and do three complete breaths, or press the palm in a rotating manner.

It is said that you can hold yourself in the palm of your hands — the same goes for your most vital organs and the most basic of all your senses and emotions.

While everyone may have a different reaction to these exercises, they have generally helped several cancer patients undergoing treatment. According to the University of Minnesota, regular reflexology exercises helped with nausea, diarrhea, and constipation.

Hand: Blood Flow and Strength

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This is an alternative exercise to the palm presses. It carries the same idea of gently exercising the central areas in your palms.

Some patients think that holding this position brings them closer to meditation. In addition, the review by Kunz & Kunz, an expert reflexology team, showed that after similar exercises, cancer patients experienced an increased blood flow to the kidneys and intestines, as witnessed by their fMRI scans.

Although we've only touched on the beginning of reflexology exercises, our hands are the perfect place to start.

Will you be trying out these simple, effective exercises at home?

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