The way these adults react to a teen being bullied will restore your faith in humanity

The Surprising Way Strangers React Witnessing a Girl Getting Bullied
The Surprising Way Strangers React Witnessing a Girl Getting Bullied

What would you do if someone near you were getting bullied? This was the core question of a social experiment that UPtv carried out on the streets in Michigan -- would adults intervene at all when witnessing a bullying episode? A crew set up the scene with three teenager girls at a bus stop. Every time an adult came nearby, two of the girls would start mocking the third one for her looks, her dreams and her behavior.

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%shareLinks-quote="Did you audition for the musical? People told me that you sounded like a dying pig." type="spreadWord"%

%shareLinks-quote="Wow, you definitely do need makeup." type="spreadWord"%

%shareLinks-quote="Everyone at school calls you freak because all you do is read and you don't talk to anyone." type="spreadWord"%

After a few lines in this tone, the adults were fed up and felt the need to intervene to teach the girls a lesson. While some of them simply told the bullies to leave the girl alone, others went on to explain why it's wrong, reacting with much frustration to their attitude.

%shareLinks-quote="How would you like if somebody who was a little bit older than you and told you that you weren't any good?" type="spreadWord"%

%shareLinks-quote="It's that stuff that you are doing that brings people self-esteem down" type="spreadWord"%

Bullying is a major problem that affects an outrageous number of individuals. According to it is crucial to talk to kids about it, educate them about what it means to be bullied and make them understand it's an unacceptable behavior. It is also highly important to listen to them in order to identify warning signs and prevent these acts from happening. Bullying can keep kids form doing what they like, and it is central to the educational growth of a community to educate in treating others with kindness and respect.

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