Man makes thousands of bucks after saving pennies for decades

Man Saves Pennies For 45 Years

Some people consider pennies the most useless form of American currency — but one Louisiana man just proved that a penny saved is truly a penny earned.

Otha Anders says he began collecting pennies in the late 1960's — saving them and picking them up whenever he found one on the streets.

In 45 years he hasn't spent or cashed in one cent of that money. Even in the 1970s when the U.S. government offered a $25 bonus for everyone $100 worth of pennies turned in.

On Tuesday, his penny pinching pulled off. Anders took 15 five-gallon water jugs full of coins to a bank.

The News Star reports it took 5 hours to count out more than half a million pennies — which got him about $5,000.

That's pretty good pocket change. And if you thought $5K was a lot to lug around, just talk to Larry Gasper. He paid a $14,000 property tax bill with spare change in 2013. It took an SUV, wagon and several buckets to haul in that money.

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