High school student, 17, suspended for length of her skirt

Student Suspended For Wearing Skirt

This might look like an ordinary outfit -- but it actually caused this South Carolina high schooler to get suspended.

Carey Burgess, 17, is the student body president of her class at Beaufort High and she's already got a scholarship under her belt. Clearly, she takes care of business.

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She's recently gained a lot of attention on social media for a different kind of reason, though.

She says she was suspended for wearing the skirt pictured above. She explained in an Instagram post that 20 minutes into the school day, she was heading back to class with a friend, when, quote, "I learned something very important about myself: I am a whore."

She says another teacher stopped her, told her that her skirt was too short and that she needed to go to in-school suspension and then head home.

The school's dress code states that skirts must be "modest and of sufficient length" -- no more than three inches above the knee. Carey says she's worn that same skirt on multiple occasions and had never been confronted.

Carey sarcastically addresses the teacher in her Instagram post, saying:

Thank you for letting me know that while I may think that I am dressing up for my Teacher Cadet lesson, I am in fact dressing to go to a night club or the whore house. Thank you for bringing me to tears in front of my friends and classmates because you do not have the decency to pull me aside and explain the problem. Then again, I did not have the decency to put on real clothes today...I don't know where I would be without your misogynistic views.

Her photo has been liked more than 1,200 times in 2 days, many backing Carey for speaking out against her suspension.

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