Democratic debate gets a 'bad lip reading' and it's hilarious

Democratic Debate Is a Ratings Success
Democratic Debate Is a Ratings Success

Between the democratic and republican debates, it's almost too difficult to keep track of everything.

However, it's safe to say that you have at least seen part of the democratic debate, whether the actual version or some spoof of the debate, thanks to "Saturday Night Live."

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The debate brought up a variety of discussions and memes (thanks, Bernie Sanders) and this time, we bring to your a "Bad Lip Reading" of the first democratic debate.

If you've never seen a "Bad Lip Reading" video in the past, you should definitely start. The geniuses behind the videos have done so for popular movies like "The Hunger Games," and even NFL football games.

Check out their amazing spin on the democratic debate.

Want to relive the first democratic debate? Click through the gallery below!

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