4 trending stories you may have missed this week (10/25-10/31)

Top Viral Stories Of The Week - October 30th, 2015

Just when you thought Beyoncé couldn't have any more sass, she kicks it up a notch, a "Jeopardy!" contestant takes a jab at liberals with the wrong answer, a hot teacher takes a stand in her bathing suit and new evidence of life on Mars emerges.

1. Final 'Jeopardy!' answer goes viral for insulting liberals

Another "Jeopardy!" moment has gone viral, and it's the diss felt 'round the country. The final "Jeopardy!" answer had some Democrats saying "ouch."

"I think you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country," host Alex Trebek said before reading the contestant's response.

The clue was regarding the flower known as the bleeding heart, which is also a disparaging term for people on the political left.

Her response? "What is a pansy." At least she went down swinging.

2. Beyoncé tells an assistant to 'stop it' on Tidal X red carpet

This one isn't really a story, but more like a viral moment (it involves Beyoncé, so of course people are still obsessing).

During the TIDAL X event in Brooklyn, where Beyonce and Nicki Minaj performed a duet, Beyoncé was looking hot on the red carpet in front of a sea of flashing lights -- and one unexpectedly candid moment with an assistant went public.

If you slow down the footage, you clearly see Beyoncé saying "stop it." It's so inconspicuous, we almost didn't notice ... but we did.

3. Middle school teacher's fitness photos spark controversy

A Utah middle school teacher found herself in the center of controversy after some of her students and their parents found some sexy photos on social media.

Teacher Mindi Jensen competes in fitness competitions, and the uniforms in that particular sport are pretty sparse.

The photos were called inappropriate, and in an official complaint, the school came to her and asked that she set each picture private or risk losing her job. Jensen took a stand.

"Why are my rights being taken away and not the child's right, " Jenson said. "It's between the parent and the child. Put restrictions on your children. If you are not comfortable with seeing me in my fitness uniform on stage posing, then take that away from your kid. Don't take it away from me."

Jensen has more than 48,000 followers on Instagram alone. She says she's become an inspiration of health to women all over and wants to remain accessible to those who look to her for encouragement.

4. A 'bear' was spotted on Mars

NASA's Mars exploration has produced a ton of photos and information valuable to scientists, but citizen space enthusiasts have enjoyed learning from the images, too.

Alien hunter Scott C. Waring posts about unique features spotted on the Red Planet's surface, and he recently shared this one on the UFO Sightings Daily website.

It supposedly shows what appears to be a bear wandering around the Martian surface.

"There is a reason NASA puts photos into black and white," he notes. "To hide the living creatures and plants that are an obvious color."

Waring says he was able to determine that the bear's hair is real and conclude that the figure is a live animal.

That's our roundup for the week. Check back next week for a new batch of stories you may have missed.

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4 trending stories you may have missed this week (10/25-10/31)
DAMASCUS, SYRIA - OCTOBER 28: A Syrian run through smoke on a street after the war crafts belonging to the Syrian army bombed opposition-controlled district of Ayn Tarma in Damascus, Syria on October 28, 2015. (Photo by Ala Muhammed/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
CALDES DE MONTBUI, SPAIN - OCTOBER 27: Carles Sanmarti checks noodles drying in wood cabinets at Pasta Sanmarti factory on October 27, 2015 in Caldes de Montbui, Spain. The Sanmarti family has been involved in the production of pasta since 1700. Carles Sanmarti, the 8th generation descendent, still uses the original recipe using just amber durum wheat semolina, thermal mineral water and egg free. Sanmarti nowadays exports their pasta products to countries as diverse as the United States, China, Denmark and also to the United Kingdom, their largest foreign market. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, VA - OCTOBER 26: Members of the Army's Old Guard carry the casket U.S. Army Cpl. Robert E. Meyers during a burial service for Meyers at Arlington National Cemetery October 26, 2015 in Arlington, Virginia. Meyers, whose remains were only recently identified due to advances in technology, was declared missing in action in December of 1950 after his unit was involved in combat operations near Sonchu, North Korea. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
MOUNT KUMGANG, NORTH KOREA - OCTOBER 26: (SOUTH KOREA OUT) South Koreans in a bus bid farewell to their North Korean relatives before they return to their home after a family reunion having been separated for 60 years following the Korean War on October 26, 2015 in Mount Kumgang, North Korea. The program allows the reunions of family members separated by the 1950-53 Korean war. (Photo by The Korea Press Photographers' Association via Getty Images)
Refugees and migrants sail towards the Greek island of Lesbos on October 25, 2015 as they cross the Aegean sea from Turkey. At least three migrants -- two children and a woman -- drowned when their boat sank off the Greek island of Lesbos, the coastguard said, the latest fatalities in Europe's refugee crisis. Around a dozen others, mostly Afghans, are still missing after the rickety vessel, carrying 60 people, went down at dawn as it made the perilous crossing from Turkey, according to the Greek coastguard. AFP PHOTO / ARIS MESSINIS (Photo credit should read ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

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