39 'ridiculous' ways to be a gentleman

39 Ridiculous Ways to Be a Gentleman

Do you avoid lilac socks? Do you love meat? Can you cook a mad omelet?

Well, according to a list featured in U.K. magazine Country Life, those are some signs you're a gentleman. That, and being able to undo a bra with one hand -- which was also on the list.

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Some other things on the list: singing "lustily" in church, creating a one-match bonfire and rescuing spiders.

Mashable straight-up called the criteria "dumb."

Other outlets played along. Like a writer for The Independent, who touted he could, actually, make a pretty good omelet -- and light a bonfire with one match.

A poll on The Telegraph's website asked readers if they thought the list was an accurate description of a gentleman. Some 58 percent said yes.

With all of this said, No. 39 says there's always an exception to a rule. So, doesn't that pretty much nullify the whole list?

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