Watch this adorable cat fall in love with his own reflection

Cat Admires Himself in the Mirror
Cat Admires Himself in the Mirror

Cats are adorable creatures and the Internet made them the biggest social trend out there. From Grumpy Cat to Lil Bub and Neon Cat, Internet cats have redefined how we see these four-legged friends and how entertaining they can be. They purr, they look funny, they play and if you are lucky enough to film the right situation, their videos can set the Internet on fire.

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One of the latest cat videos is featuring Cesar, a very confused, grey, furry pet that sees his reflection in the mirror for the first time. Once he realizes that there is someone that looks just like him in the mirror, the cat's expression shows how he has been introduced to a whole new universe of wonders. His owner talks him through the experience and gets a few awkward glances from the cat who looks like he really can't understand the concept of mirrors and avoids to have any extreme reaction just in case his copy jumps at him.

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