Watch and laugh as Ellen sends her producer Andy and Eric Stonestreet into a haunted house

Carrie Underwood Gets Scared By a Cowboy on Ellen
Carrie Underwood Gets Scared By a Cowboy on Ellen

If you watch "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which, let's face it, you do, you know she absolutely loves to scare people.

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Whether it's mid-interview or in their dressing room, no one who comes on her show is safe, no one. For the last three years, she has sent her executive producer Andy Lassner to a haunted house and films it.

If you need a good laugh, this is definitely a must see. This year, she decided to send her Andy along with a partner..."Modern Family's" Eric Stonestreet.

Again, if you've watched the show before, you know Eric Stonestreet is very easily scared. This year's haunted house was a "Walking Dead" theme and might be the funniest video yet. Check it out below.

Check Ellen through the years below:

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