Restaurant adds roadkill to menu

Restaurant Adds Roadkill to Menu

If you like the fresh taste of burnt rubber on your meat, a restaurant in Vermont is preparing a menu that will certainly be finger-lickin' good.

The Hotel Vermont is hosting "Wild About Vermont," a celebration of locally sourced food.

The menu will feature fish from a local lake, goose, moose, bear, and muskrat that have been plucked from the land by local game hunters. And, they'll also be featuring locally sourced roadkill!

They promise to include no less than three animals that have been killed on roads and highways in the area. Even if you like your meat rare, this is a bit extreme.

Taking a big bite of bear doesn't come cheap though, the dinner is $75. However, head chef Doug Paine thinks it's a small price to pay for something different.

"I'm sure 90 percent of Vermonters haven't tried beaver. But I'm sure they would like it if they did," said Paine.

We'll take your word on that one, Chef, but if we happen to run over a deer on the way up, we'll be sure to send it your way.
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