Real people confess how prenups affect their relationships

Life is often filled with unbelievable milestones. From having your first kiss to becoming a grandparent, people have the opportunity to experience monumental, joyous occasions.

For many people, getting married is one of these occasions. And although the union of marriage represents love and commitment, it is also a legal agreement to share your life and all of your assets with another person -- this inevitably brings money into the question. The way people protect their own financial assets in preparation for a potential divorce or separation, is by signing a prenuptial agreement. And while this is often a run-of-the mill decision, it can also cause huge rifts in relationship. Is signing a prenup essentially agreeing that a divorce is inevitable?

Several people who have faced this issue took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal what it's like to deal with such a trying situation.

It might feel like it's a reflection on your individual character:
My fiancé just asked me for a prenup...I

It can often make or break a relationship:
I called off our wedding because she wouldn

You might start questioning how mutual your feelings are about the future:
My fiancé said he won

Love and a prenup aren't always mutually exclusive:
I love my fiancé so much but I

Feeling like you aren't trusted might ironically lead you to hide how you really feel:
He wants a prenup and I act like I don

Even if you want the prenup, you might still question your partner's intentions:
My wife-to-be said she would happily sign a prenup for me. It worked out almost too perfect so I am suspicious about it.

It can make you notice values in your partner that you never knew he/she had:

The mixed messages can lead to a lot of confusion:

When it comes to money, the happy couple aren't necessarily the only people involved:
My future mother-in-law is pushing a prenup on me. She says she will cancel the wedding if I don

The reality of a prenup can often be different than how you might have theorized it:
My boyfriend wants me to sign a prenup before we get engaged. I had agreed before but now I just don

It could potentially represent the real reason you're getting married - love:
My bf asked me to marry him, he is extremely wealthy, I had my lawyer draw up a prenuptial agreement. I want him to know I

For confessions about prenuptial agreements, check out Whisper.​

For more tough premarital decisions, watch the video below:

Attorneys Advise Pet Prenups in Case of Divorce
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