NFL power rankings: Patriots still sit at No. 1 in Week 8

We are now seven weeks into the NFL season and it's pretty clear what the overall theme has become: the league is straight-up bizarre.

Consider that there are eight legitimate Super Bowl contenders -- and even that number might be generous because there's really only two (maybe three) squads in particular that we think have enough talent to reach San Francisco on Feb. 7, 2016.

Click the gallery above to find out which teams.

After those eight solid clubs, there's another seven who could go either way. We're not sure if they'll make a playoff push or continue to disappoint and eventually play for an OK draft pick.

Then, well, there's the cellar -- and it's kind of packed. Exactly half the league is already struggling to stay in the race or has zero shot.


National Fail League: Week 7 Fails
National Fail League: Week 7 Fails