Here are some tricks to see who unfollowed you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

10 Highest Followed People on Instagram
10 Highest Followed People on Instagram

Are you obsessed with gaining more followers? Do you check your social media accounts a million times a day to see how popular you are becoming? Having people add you is very important, but you also need to keep track of the ones that unfollow you. There are some tools that can help you find out who these sneaky unfollowers are across the main social platform.

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1) Twitter

Twitter followers are probably some of the most volatile social media users, making it essential to use some help to track who unfollows you right after you follow them back. Unfollowers is a very helpful website that not only tracks your new followers and unfollowers, but also lets you find inactive followers that haven't tweeted for a while so you can decide if it's worth to continue following them or not.

2) Facebook

Facebook friendships and 'unfriendships' can become pretty intense. Here is a tool to to track who among your 'friends' decided you are not worthy of being in his or her list: Who Deleted Me. The website saves your friends list once you access it for the first time and tracks any addition or deletion.

3) Instagram

Are you on your quest to become Instafamous? You are going to need this app. Unfollowers + for Instagram allows you to keep track of growth and dips in your social numbers on the platform. This can help you figure out who follows you back and who doesn't, as well as who unfollowed you so you can act accordingly.

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