Britney Spears just wants to say 'Hello' to Adele... and maybe trade concert tickets

Britney Spears Will Make Bank in Vegas for 2 More Years
Britney Spears Will Make Bank in Vegas for 2 More Years

In a new interview with i-D, Adele mentioned that she'd love to see Britney Spears' Vegas show, and Brit didn't miss a beat. Spears sent out a tweet to barter with Adele: tickets for tickets. If that works, get ready to offer your mom's china, your brother's baseball cards or even your own kidneys for some Adele tickets too.

Adele's latest singe "Hello" is from her upcoming third album 25, her first in four years. The song will debut on the Billboard Hot 100 next week.

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Perhaps the world is thanking Adele for more music with the reward of Britney's friendship. All one can hope for is an onstage cameo by one or the other at one of their future concerts.

See more from Adele in the gallery below!

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