Why you should get up early, according to morning people

Especially for those who wake up early for school or work, mornings have come to be the most dreaded time of day. To many, it represents not enough sleep, a lack of energy and a not-so-favorable mood. People are often too distracted by their early-morning struggles to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise, the peacefulness of such a quiet time of day, and the opportunity to grab some often much-needed "me time." Being drowsy or feeling unprepared for the day that lies ahead can easily overpower the positive aspects that come with an early morning. Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal the beauty behind the day's earliest hours, from the perspective of a morning person.

It's not quite time yet to stress about the day ahead of you:
I love mornings where all your frustrations worries and doubts are just wiped away

Starting off socially can make for good vibes all day:
I love waking up early! It makes the rest of my day so much better when I can start out interacting with people!

You can always find inspiration in a sunrise:
The mornings are my favorite because I get to see the sun rise and somehow that gives me hope

What's better than cozying up under the covers before your day begins?
I love waking up early before going to work, more time to relax :)

The morning's serenity can often feel like your little secret:
The hardest part of being a morning person is hiding the smugness while waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

People will be jealous of your can-do attitude:

Morning people aren't awoken by grumbling and grogginess:
The first moment I wake up in the morning is always my favorite. I feel refreshed, productive, and focused.

Little things like getting up early are stepping stones to an overall feeling of accomplishment:
I love to wake up early, even if i don

Carpe diem! There is a day to be had:
I am a morning person. I hate sleeping in. you miss too much.

There's a difference between appreciating the morning and appreciating the people who talk to you in the morning:

Treating your mornings with care will create a strong foundation for what's to come:
I love waking up early when everyone else is still asleep. I have the most relaxing time alone.

For more words of wisdom from morning people, check out Whisper.​

To find out more perks to waking up early, watch the video below:
Why It's Better to Be a Morning Person

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