WATCH: Baby has adorable, hilarious reaction to grandpa's loud roar

Watch a Baby Get Terrified Over His Grandpas Screaming Roar
Watch a Baby Get Terrified Over His Grandpas Screaming Roar

While grandparents are often known to be quite gentle, one hilarious grandfather simply couldn't resist messing with his adorable 18-month-old grandson. When the little boy was summoned to go see his grandfather in the kitchen, said grandfather surprised the boy by belting out a mighty roar. The boy's reaction? Priceless.

Thankfully, 18-month-old Jett's aunt Harli White captured the incident on camera. The youngster is seen galloping down the hallway sporting perhaps the cutest pajamas we've ever seen. As soon as he approaches the kitchen, we hear a loud roar erupt from his grandfather. In an effort to flee the scene, Jett's face breaks into a wide-eyed panic and he quickly sprints (read: waddles) away to safety.

White told ABC that the Oklahoma tot actually loves a good scare. While he may have seemed concerned in the moment, he likely shared a hearty laugh with his good-humored grandpa after the fact. White explained that Jett and his grandfather often try to scare each other. White said of their little game:

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White shared the video of Jett's hilarious reaction with America's Funniest Home Videos where it was recently featured. Since then, it's been viewed more than 765,000 times on YouTube alone.

Watch this video to see an adorable little girl attempting to scare her baby brother:

Baby Brother Is Impossible To Scare!
Baby Brother Is Impossible To Scare!

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