This website shows you the most popular Halloween costumes in your state


It's almost Halloween and you don't have your costume yet, but you have an idea. You really want to be unique -- I mean, how many people are really going dressed up as Doc McStuffins, right?

Well, if you live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, it turns out a lot.

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Created by Google, Freightgeist is an interactive site which breaks down the most searched costumes, both on a local and national level. Some results are pretty generic -- New York City's most popular costume search is "Superhero," Atlanta is "pirate," and Los Angeles is "Star Wars."

Other cities are a bit more unique -- Juneau is going to look really creepy with a ton people dressed up as Chucky. Lake Charles, Louisiana is also going to look interesting with a bunch of human candy corns roaming about.

One thing is for sure -- you'll probably see more than one person on Halloween dressed up as Harley Quinn this year. According to the website, Batman's female adversary is the top trending costume in the country.

Whatever you choose to dress up as for Halloween, just stay clear of these controversial costumes:

Most Controversial Halloween Costumes of 2015
Most Controversial Halloween Costumes of 2015

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