The 11 best Halloween candies to give out this year

Halloween weekend is nearly upon us, and if you're staying in for the night and haven't stocked up on candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters just yet, you may want to consult this list before you do.

If you want to be a popular house to visit in your neighborhood on the holiday, the first step is to have a variety of candy options. Just one choice is restricting, and chances are not every single trick-or-treater will like the one thing you're handing out. From chocolate to gummy options, we have you covered in terms of ideas for a good variety.

Another thing to keep in mind on Halloween night is food allergies. With peanuts (or traces of nuts) in so many candies, you may want to bucket your peanut options separately to be on the safe side! We're sure parents of kids with nut allergies will appreciate the effort.

Check out the slideshow above for the best Halloween candies to give out this year!

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