Store leaves controversial note banning sales of item to minors for Halloween

Supermarket Won't Sell Eggs to Minors Until After Halloween
Supermarket Won't Sell Eggs to Minors Until After Halloween

A Pennsylvania grocery store has recently been under the spotlight for a sign management posted on their shelves announcing minors won't be allowed to purchase eggs between October 24th and November 1st. The reason behind this decision, as the sign claims, is a safety concern.

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The photo, shot in the Redner's Market store in Langhorne, was posted on Imgur. According to the Huffington Post, the "no eggs to minor" rule is a chain-wide policy that will stay effective during the week around Halloween. Assistant store director Pete Bourey commented that there is usually not a good outcome when minors purchase eggs at this time of the year, while adding that there had not been complaints about the decision to avoid the sales. Director of advocacy group The Freechild Project Adam Fletcher explained that there are some problems related to this decision, since it is assuming that every person under 18 throws eggs around Halloween, hence expressing mistrust towards all minors.

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